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Learn about our mission, team, and commitment to a cleaner future through technology.

Zero-X team dedicated to solving global waste issues for over a decade through cutting-edge technology. Proud of the impact we're making and committed to a cleaner future.

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German Engineering for a Cleaner World

Zero-X is a groundbreaking technology that leverages single stage gasification and innovative fuel cell technology to convert municipal solid waste into clean gas.
Our single stage gasification reactor is capable of converting waste into gas in just seconds, leaving only biochar as a residue. By combining this with our innovative solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC), we are able to significantly increase the efficiency of the system, raising it by three times. With this cutting-edge technology, Zero-X is providing a sustainable solution to the challenges of waste management and energy access, making a real and lasting impact in communities around the world.


Zero-X machines are compact, modular and easily scalable. Designed like a car, they can be cheaply produced globally for widespread access. Improving lives and creating a cleaner future.

Remote Managed

Zero-X units are remotely operated by experienced team for reliable, sustainable solutions. Minimizing downtime and maximizing benefits for waste management and energy access.


Zero-X systems operational in days, assembled and tested in factory for fast commissioning. Streamlined process for faster and more efficient deployment in waste management.


Customers have consistently supported us fight.


Why you should invest into Zero-X for a $Trillion  Market Potential

Investing in Zero-X offers massive global opportunity in waste treatment, rural electrification, decentralized hydrogen, and more. Scalable, affordable and accessible solutions for a cleaner future with growth and impact potential. Join the movement for real impact and returns.

Institutional Investors. You can reach out to us at EX VENTURE INC. HERE IS THE LINK


We are a passionate full service provider for Waste Solutions.

At Zero-X, we run our projects as an operator for high customer satisfaction and returns for investors. Our data-driven approach optimizes project performance for the best outcomes. Invest in Zero-X for sustainable waste management and clean energy solutions.

Maximum Fuel Flexibility

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Completely Remotely Managed

Highest Emission and Safety Standarts

That is what the GErman GOvernment has said in the past

Bringing turn-key solution requires technical expertise and engineering skill. Zero-X is a breakthrough in waste management and clean energy, overcoming technical challenges for a remarkable solution. Inspiring technology changing the world.

Julien Uhlig

Experienced Clean Tech Entrepreneur, Speaker and Change-Maker

Michael Hofmeister

The Zero-X Genius with almost 20 Years of Experience in Waste to Power.

Lorrayne Pereira
Venture Advisor

Industrial Engineer focusing on Developing Markets and new Partnerships.

Mark Rosenberg
Sales Engineer

Experienced Sales Engineer and Project Planner, ready to drive impact now.

Dr. Arnim Rosenbach
Legal Representation

Our Legal Council since 2006 with a massive track record in investment and VC Contracts.

Cissa Ribeiro

Social Media Marketing Expert with a Strong Background in Customer Service.