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Julien Uhlig CEO-Zero-X

CEO- Mentor- Speaker and Change Maker with 20 Years of Industry and Government Experience in 16 Countries.

CEO at Zero-X and EX Venture Inc. Julien is a Serial Entrepreneur and Impact Maker with a long history in Fundraising and Management of Deep Technology Companies. As an active mentor and Speaker he supports the next generation of Entrepreneurs in building amazing Startups.

He has managed over 100 German Government Funded Development Projects, Advised over 100 Companies including many of the leading German Cleantech Companies. He has been featured in Forbes, CNN, Mashable, has been named 4x on and was voted Most Innovative Company 2018 by Fast Company. Other recognitions include World Champion at the Unicorn Pitch Battle (The Worlds Largest Pitch Event)- Best of German Technology, E&Y Entrepreneur of the Year (Finalist), Best European Scale-Up MTB, Red Herring Best of Europe. As a speaker he has been appeared for Schneider Electrics globally where he was featured in the 2018 global Media Campaign. Since 2008 Julien has raised or consolidated over USD 150 Mil. in investments including managing as CEO agnion technology inc. funded by KPCB and others.

Apart from his corporate work, his key focus is in technology impact as well as remote work, life-work balance, health and nutrition as an active writer, mentor and speaker. Sharing the mental and physical tools for executives and entrepreneurs building incredible companies, to foster resilience and happiness.

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Julien Uhlig CEO-Zero-X

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