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Unleashing 17 Years of Innovation: The Breakthrough Technology That Changes Everything

Transform waste into clean energy with over 85% efficiency using our revolutionary waste-to-energy technology. This compact and versatile system can be installed anywhere, from cities to remote villages. Power your hotel, business, or apartment block with your own waste, reducing costs and creating a cleaner future. A visionary solution for the waste disaster.

Waste Treatment

The scale of the waste disaster facing humanity and our oceans is overwhelming, but the power to solve it lies within our collective action. No more Landfills, No more Ocean Waste! Our Solutions can be installed within days, right where they are needed.

Power Generation

With finite resources at our disposal and the pressing need for clean power, it's never been more important to reduce waste and embrace sustainable solutions that meet the energy needs of our world. Clean Power from Waste Anywhere, no infrastructure needed.

Carbon Capture

Carbon capture is essential in the fight against climate change, and biochar as a building material not only captures carbon, but also provides a sustainable, durable, and energy-efficient solution to meet our growing demand for housing.

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“Let us dedicate this new era to energy around the world,

Be part of the Movement. One Solution at a time.

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Building a community of change-makers to create a cleaner, more sustainable future. Join us in this movement.

"This is a true example of incredible technology and social impact. It is what inspired me to found Southpole, offsetting carbon emissions and facilitating massive investments into carbon emission reducing programs around the globe."

Renat Heuberger