March 9, 2023

New Article Online on LIV-LIFE about Zero-X in Bali

Good News from Udayana University in Bali where the first real waste to power converter has been operational since the end of 2022 to end to global ocean waste pandemic.

The countries in Southeast Asia have been identified as some of the biggest ocean polluters in the world due to the lack of proper waste treatment facilities. With a rapidly growing population and urbanization, the amount of waste produced is increasing at an alarming rate. The lack of proper waste management infrastructure means that a significant amount of waste ends up in the ocean, leading to devastating consequences for marine ecosystems and the environment as a whole. Moreover, strong rain and flooding can exacerbate the issue, as it washes the waste from landfills and streets into rivers and eventually into the ocean. The problem is urgent and needs to be addressed through investment in waste management infrastructure and education on the importance of proper waste disposal.

Image by Lucas Meneses

Zero-x is an American technology Company with a German R&D Partner MFC that focuses on sustainable waste conversion solutions.

The company was co-founded in 2018 by German entrepreneur Julien Uhlig and inventor Michael Hofmeister, with the aim of developing a technology that could convert any carbon-based waste stream into clean energy. Zero-x's first product, the X-series waste-to-energy system, can convert municipal solid waste, sewage sludge, and biomass into high-quality gases in a single-stage reactor. The technology is small enough to be installed anywhere and has been developed over 17 years, resulting in almost 200 gasifier systems commissioned globally working on wood pellets, before the team started focussing on real world waste.


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